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What is RecHub


RecHub - Our Member, Event, and Rental Management Tool

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RecHub began life at the University of Wisconsin as a tool to help manage their student and faculty Recreation Facility. From that heritage comes its name, short for 'Recreation Hub.'


RecHub puts members in charge:

RecHub lets you manage your information. You can ensure it's up to date. RecHub is easy to use. We have videos at the bottom of the page to help you get started.


Member Information:

RecHub keeps track of your relevant personal information, including the members of your family. It facilitates the  payment membership dues, events, and more.


Events are the activities we participate in. RecHub's calendar lets you see what's coming up. Signing up is just a click away.

Learn to Sail / Rent a Sailboat:

RecHub allows you to sign up easily for lessons or reserve a boat from our rental fleet. It will track your learning progress.

Learn More:

If you are new to RecHub, we offer these videos to help you be successful. Click on the title to watch.


Some of these videos will describe another club's process which is almost identical to ours. We are converting all of these and more to be Squadron specific.

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