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Sunfish Fleet 154

Want to improve your racing skills in a competitive yet friendly fleet?  

Here at Sarasota Sailing Squadron,
the Sunfish is the largest, most active, and fastest growing fleet.

Our Culture

Fleet 154 prides itself on a culture of serious fun. 

We love to learn, share, socialize and sail fast.  We embrace a wide range of skills from those just learning to race through seasoned racers. 

We cheer on our members that travel for regattas, so check out our Facebook Page to stay up to date!    


Our Season in split into

High Season

January through April
IMG_3677 Copy_edited.jpg

Summer Season
and preseason


Tuesday we emphasize organized training.
We have a briefing, then on the water drills and racing, then we debrief over snacks and beverages.  


There is always something going on Saturday afternoons. 
In a typical month, 2 Saturdays we run our own races at SSS, 1 Saturday we join SSS’s multi-fleet Regattas, and 1 Saturday we encourage the fleet to travel to Davis Island. 
We like to end with a WOW (Words of Wisdom) from the top finishers sharing tips, then Post Racing Dinner with Family & Friends!

November and December
2x per month

Summer Season
May through October
1x per month

On selected Saturday afternoons, we run casual format with racing and training.  Post-race snacks and beverages provided. There are also numerous regattas both near by and afar, to keep you as engaged as you want to be in these ‘off seasons’.


Want to join in the fun?

We have a strong healthy community welcoming you at whatever your level is. 

If you are ready to take that next step and learn to race, or you are already experienced and want to enjoy regular racing, contact us and we can get you started:
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